Our range of services covers the entire ophthalmological and surgical spectrum.

Cataract surgery and special lens implantation (e.g., toric and multifocal lenses)

Laser treatment of the posterior capsular opacification

Glaucoma screening and Glaucoma surgery (minimally invasive and conventional glaucoma surgery, including XEN implantation, istent, trabeculectomy and Ahmed valve implantation)

Intravitreal injections for wet macular degeneration

Medical and surgical treatment of Fuchs’ patients

Corneal grafts (laminating and perforating)

Diagnosis and treatment of keratoconus disease (cross-linking procedures)

Eyelid procedures and plastic surgery

Refractive surgery (PRK and LASIK)

Phakic and pseudophakic lens implantation for ametropia (e.g., ICL)
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In addition, we offer the following services.

General eye check-up: slitlamp examination, funduscopy, eye pressure monitoring

Prescription and inspection of glasses, contact lenses and magnifying vision aids

Treatment of contact lens problems, special lenses

Treatment of eye injuries

Foreign body removal

Inflammatory eye conditions

Vision disorders

Eyelid malposition and removal of sty

Dry eye treatments

Tear film analysis



Visual field examination

Retinal diseases

Dry and wet macular degeneration

Corneal thickness measurement

Colour and contrast vision test

Driving license examination for seniors and young drivers

Screenings for patients with diabetes, thyroid problems, rheumatic diseases, after graft surgery

Neuro-orthoptics and neurorehabilitation

Sight school / children's consultation

Prevention, examinations and adjustments of glasses

Treatment of low vision and strabismus

Screening for ametropia in infants and toddlers

Private pharmacy in our clinic

Latest equipment
and instruments
Our clinic is equipped with the newest equipment and instruments.

Heidelberg Spectralis Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT)

Diagnosis of retinal/macular diseases

Digital optic disc and retina photography

Pentacam corneal topography

Diagnosis of corneal diseases


Measurement of corneal thickness

Nd: YAG laser from Meridian

Treatment of posterior capsule opacification

Octopus perimetry

Visual field examination for glaucoma patients

Zeiss IOL Master 500

Medical examination cataract surgery


Axial length measurement of the eyes

Plus Optix Autorefractometer

Diagnosis of ametropia in infants and toddlers

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