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Our goal at is to ensure that you have clear vision and maintain optimal eye health.

Dr. med. Ivo Guber
Owner and Medical Director
Dr. med. Ivo Guber
Dr. Ivo Guber is the leading eye surgeon. He is specialist trained at the internationally renowned Queen Victoria Hospital in England. In addition to his private clinic, he works as a senior consultant ophthalmic surgeon at the University Hospital of Geneva.
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Dr. med. Josef Guber
Consultant ophthalmologist
Dr. Josef Guber is a Senior Consultant at the Cantonal Hospital of St. Gallen and an expert in retinal diseases and complex vitreoretinal surgery. With his expertise, he supports our clinic in an advisory function.
Dr. med. Karin Gassmann
Doctor Karin Gassmann is a former staff member at Cantonal Eye Hospital of Winterthur. She has a broad experience in surgical and medical treatments of eye diseases and general ophthalmology.
Brigitte Grossglauser
Brigitte Grossglauser has many years of experience as an orthoptist. In our clinic she diagnoses, treats and manages a range of eye conditions affecting both children and adults.
Elodie Ben Ali
Medical Secretary
Aysegül Eraslan
Medical office assistent

Our range of services covers the entire ophthalmological and surgical spectrum.

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